I’ve been Published!

So some exciting news! I’ve been hesitant to share it for quite a while now. I’ll be brief.

I’ve been published in the Australian Independent news media. I wrote about how democracy can be enhanced when we understand Modern Money in the media outlet called Independent Australia.

I also have been published on YouTube in webinar format where along with my Modern Money Australia colleagues. I hosted the Q&A segment with Stuart Medina Miltimore. Stuart is involved with the Spanish MMT network and Next Generation EU.

I was hesitant to show these off due to the fear of judgment but then I realised I was just reacting to the possibility of shame and embarrassment. I was authentic and I kept it real! I told you I would be brief.

Why this Site?

The purpose of this site is to develop my networks in all areas of life that is why I have a .NET top level domain. It is also a method to find ongoing sustainable work in the current economic environment.

I was advised to remove my more political project from the site, which I have done so from the main page. All my work however will be available on the portfolio page. I have left the most apolitical work on the front page as it is primarily an educational product that shows attention to detail, explanatory power, accuracy of understanding, and many other qualities required for successful work.

I have kept the affiliations to represent my authentic self as the most often question asked in an interview is ‘tell me about yourself’ and I have kept my self-taught macroeconomic self from other aspects of my life and it was not fulfilling. Only by bringing them together have I found the confidence and maturity in myself.

  • I know what it is like to struggle, I am still struggling, but where I can I am a local supporting locals that is why I will not remove the community based Cowra Information Neighbourhood Centre from affiliations.
  • I know what it is like to be unemployed for great lengths of time and I will stand by my fellow unemployed workers, I would not be a local supporting locals if I did not and that is why I will not remove my affiliation with the Australian Unemployed Workers Union.
  • I know from my study of macroeconomics and understanding of the modern money system that unemployment is ultimately a political choice by the government of the day either through ignorance, naivety or wilfully. This is why I will not remove my affiliation with Modern Money Australia (notwithstanding that I laid the foundations for it).

I know others will find some of these things difficult to comprehend but this is my journey and it is why I am working on creating the Australian Real Progressives – to be the change I wish to see through Courage, Compassion and Connection.

Site Launched

Welcome to my brand new site https://darren-quinn.net

On this site you will be able to see the work I do in my local community of Cowra and other active interests. There is a link to all my social media below my profile picture. Under News I will keep you updated to what I am doing and the Gallery will be occasionally updated. There is a copy of my resumé on the site that is not too intrusive and a description of what I do and how I work and the work I seek on a home page. I can also help with software issues with most Windows-based computers.


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